The Toddler Center offers a program of play and learning activities for children aged 24 months to 3 years. To enter the Toddler Center, a child must be walking well, eating table foods, drinking from a cup and able to manage on one nap a day. Most children begin to "outgrow" toddler center activities around the age of three and at that time they are ready for the more demanding preschool program.

The Toddler Center is also based on a child care program developed at the University of Kansas. Learning games are directed by teachers in small groups and are designed to teach language, gross motor, fine motor, and visual perception skills. Art and science activities are geared to little hands and short attentions spans and expand awareness of sights, sounds, and textures around us. Special activities that include make-believe, creative movement, and drama expand the child's abilities in areas of creativity and imagination.

Interspersed among the teacher-directed activities is free play time. Outdoor play on the playground is with equipment chosen especially for the young child. Children may play on their own or chose to take part in special teacher directed activities such as bubble making, water play, or ball games. The two-year old class has outdoor time scheduled only when the older children are not out on the playground. Indoors the free play area is designed to encourage a variety of play activities such as play with dolls and household items, play with construction toys, play with manipulatives, and play with large motor skills.

Toddlers are taught also the basics of home and school life: playing independently, getting along with others, getting dressed, using the bathroom, care of toys and materials, simple manners, and feeding themselves.

Toilet training is an important self-help skill that is taught as a part of our toddler program. When a child is ready The Learning Village works with the parents to coordinate an effective home and school toileting program.

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